In Remembrance of Wandhama Print
Friday, 20 June 2008 00:00

Roots In Kashmir (RIK) movement in India remembers the Wandhama massacre victims on World Refugee Day in New Delhi, India at Chinmaya Auditorium. The Wandhama massacre took place in January 2008 in which 24 helpless Kashmiri Pandit men, women, and children were gunned down in a cowardly act by Islamic terrorists. The poems below were written by Kashmiri Pandits to remember this day.

Author: Brijanath Betab

The Nocturnes of Wandhama 

The mortified skies
Enclosed with dark clouds
Unable to snoop into the cries,
The willow trees
The paddy fields
When the dead night
The earth
With every shudder
Kept counting
The dead
Twenty three
And lost the count of deaths,
The last bullet
Pierced through the smiling silence
Of some suckles
Few Breaths
And a horror,
Milk dropped out of the veins
And the tiny drops
Wrote the history of terror.


Wandhama is Born

Mixed with
In the lap of
Twenty three,
A toddler
Listening to
The lullaby of bullets
For ever
Wandhama was born.