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Written by IAKF   
Wednesday, 05 November 2008 00:00
Letter sent to President-elect Mr. Barack Obama [see also coverage of this letter in Times of India article dated Nov 7, 2008]

Indo-American Kashmir Forum (IAKF) and its members wish to congratulate you on your decisive victory yesterday. It is a historic moment for the United States of America and its free citizenry. Americans all over the country have spoken up and reposed faith in your vision and plans to take this loving country of ours to newer and greater heights. Your victory has reinforced the fact that the America is the land of opportunities and nothing is impossible in this great country of ours. Your life has inspired millions of young Americans to dream and dream big. Congratulations and best of luck for your family and the new administration!

We at Indo-American Kashmir Forum respect and acknowledge your concern about Indian sub-continent, particularly Kashmir. We do wish to convey to you that whatever has happened and is still happening in Kashmir is similar to the Talibanization that occurred in Afghanistan. The Islamic Jihadism that is being supported and abetted by Pakistan is still prevalent in the valley of Kashmir where minorities continue to be targeted. Minority Hindus and Sikhs in the valley continue to flee, and all the businesses that are deemed anti-Islamic by Jihadis are shut down. We do want to caution that a sixty-year old issue of Kashmir cannot be solved overnight. It is a very intricate issue that needs to be resolved bilaterally between India and Pakistan.
We are very encouraged by your statements during the presidential campaign that the Afghanistan-Pakistan issue will be a priority issue for your administration. We would request your administration to actively work on solving Afghanistan-Pakistan issue because that is the epicenter of Islamic fundamentalism and terrorism. The timely and permanent resolution of Afghanistan-Pakistan conundrum will also reinforce a sustainable solution to Kashmir as well.
Indo-American Kashmir Forum will continue to support the administration’s policies and initiatives that are geared towards long-lasting peaceful resolution of Kashmir issue, through which the Kashmiri Hindu minority will be able to return back to its homeland with dignity, and enjoy full political, cultural and economic rights.
Wishing you and your administration all the best for all the times to come!
Yours respectfully,


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