IAKF Commends the FBI for exposing ISI’s covert lobbying operations in the US Print
Tuesday, 19 July 2011 00:00

July 19, 2011
Boston, Massachusetts
Source: Indo-American Kashmir Forum (IAKF)
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IAKF Commends the FBI for exposing ISI’s covert lobbying operations in the US
Indo-American Kashmir Forum (IAKF, www.iakf.org) takes a strong note of FBI’s arrest of lobbyist Dr. Ghulam Nabi Fai, the Executive Director of the Kashmiri American Council (KAC) and the Kashmir Center, in Virginia today and commends the FBI and other federal agencies for exposing Pakistan’s Intelligence Agency ISI’s role in covertly lobbying US lawmakers.
FBI’s charge that Dr. Fai and a Pakistan based American colleague were allegedly ''participating in a long-term conspiracy to act as agents of the Pakistani government in the United States” exposes ISI’s dangerous designs of misleading US lawmakers and continuing support to terrorists and secessionists in Jammu and Kashmir, India.
IAKF always believed that the KAC and the Kashmir Center, Washington, was funded beyond their means because it had full time staff and prime office space with media advisors bent on misleading the U.S. Administration, U.S. Congress and various Think Tanks. It was always clear that this group was following the official Pakistani version of the Kashmir story. In all instances, the truth was obfuscated by misinformation provided by our opponents masquerading as Kashmiri freedom fighters.
It should be pointed out that our organization, in contrast, is run by volunteers, working on personal time and meager donations, to inform and educate the U.S. policy makers about the plight of our community that has been the worst sufferers of Pakistan’s State-sponsored terrorism. Since 1991, IAKF has been fighting for the restoration of fundamental rights of Kashmiri Pandits and other religious minorities who were ethnically cleansed out of Kashmir by terrorists supported and funded by Pakistan. Towards that goal, IAKF has never hesitated to condemn one and all that have victimized minorities in Kashmir, be they governments, terrorists, or members of the majority community in Kashmir.
IAKF has always been steadfast in countering the disinformation campaign unleashed by organizations like Dr. Fai’s Kashmiri American Council (KAC), achieving limited success in getting across the story of "refugees in their own country." Today’s developments and FBI’s affidavit filed in the court along with the complaint against Dr. Fai clearly demonstrate the strong and well-funded network behind the disinformation campaign of our opponents, which we nevertheless were able to surmount to the extent possible.
With today’s exposure, IAKF is hopeful that these covert operations funded and supported by Pakistan will be finally dismantled and US lawmakers will get an opportunity to listen to the true stories of real victims of terrorism. IAKF completely believes in the US Justice system and is hopeful that the whole truth will finally come out in the open and justice will be served.
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IAKF was established in 1991 to inform the world community of the oppression against Kashmiri Pandits that led to their forced exile from Kashmir due to the influx of fundamentalist Islamic terrorism. IAKF wishes to raise awareness of the human rights violations suffered by the Pandit community, many of whom are still living in makeshift 'refugee' camps in Jammu, India. The organization seeks the return of Kashmiri Pandits to the Kashmir valley with guaranteed security and freedom to exercise their religious faith and cultural way of life without fear or intrusion. IAKF provides reports to the U.S. Administration, U.S. Congress, and several of Washington D.C.’s policy think tanks. For more information, please visit www.iakf.org.