IAKF Condemns the Dictatorial Policies Adopted by the Government Authorities in the State of J&K Print
Wednesday, 06 August 2008 00:00

The government’s actions to take two TV channels off the air and close down offices of two of the local newspapers amounts to violation of the fundamental right of freedom of press. Recent reports emanating from the Jammu province depict a picture similar to emergencies declared in martial-law administered nations.

IAKF strongly condemns the police brutalities and firings upon unarmed peaceful demonstrators who are exercising their fundamental right to protest against discriminatory government policies. IAKF considers this a serious violation of human rights. IAKF implores human rights organizations to take cognizance of these human rights violations.

IAKF denounces the actions of certain sections of Kashmiri Muslims in the Valley who indulged in mob politics. It is sad to note that the State government capitulated to their unlawful acts and in effect strengthened the feeling among Hindus that they are treated as second class citizens in the state by an increasingly hegemonic majority.

The protests in Jammu were preceded by riots in Kashmir orchestrated by Kashmiri Muslim separatists led by Ali Shah Geelani, Umar Farooq and Yasin Malik, who did not want to see any of their land, even the uninhabitable land at 10,000 foot elevation that is in question, given for the use of a Hindu pilgrimage. IAKF denounces the actions of these Kashmiri Muslims and the politicians, including Mufti Mohammed Sayeed (former Chief Minister and head of the PDP, the coalition partner to the ruling Congress party in Kashmir), who prey upon communal disharmony for their political survival.

IAKF appeals to the President of India Pratibha Patil to personally intervene in this major issue that has already taken the lives of 5 Hindus and is further deteriorating by every passing hour. IAKF hopes that Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh will use the all-party meeting scheduled on August 6th as an opportunity to defuse the crisis situation in J&K and ensure that its citizens’ fundamental rights are protected.

IAKF expresses its full sympathy with the Amarnath Yatra Sangarsh Samiti in fighting the discriminatory policies of the government of Jammu & Kashmir. IAKF strongly believes that the government’s appeasement policies towards the majority Muslim community in the state of Jammu & Kashmir are fraught with dangerous risks that can be detrimental to the nationhood of India. In a secular and democratic India, all citizenry needs to be treated fairly and religious sentiments of all the communities need to be respected. In the present case of the Amarnath pilgrimage, Indian Hindus have every right to expect safe and secure facilities along the treacherous route of pilgrimage.

The land that was originally allotted to SASB for providing shelters to pilgrims was approved by the state government and then revoked without legitimate reason. It needs to be allotted back to SASB immediately. In the present circumstances, IAKF believes that restoring the allotment of land is the only solution that will satisfy the millions of Indian Hindus whose religious sentiments have trampled upon by the prevailing policies of the government.

IAKF also strongly condemns the falsehood propagated by National Conference President Omar Abdullah in his impromptu speech in the Indian parliament last week. Contrary to Mr. Abdullah’s assertions, IAKF wishes to remind the world community that there have been numerous and well-documented cases of terrorist attacks on Amarnath pilgrims and hundreds of documented cases of destruction of Hindu temples in the valley of Kashmir.

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