IAKF Condemns Spread of Pakistan-Based Kashmiri Terrorism Into Jammu With Recent Attack Print
Tuesday, 13 May 2008 00:00

Also published in the Indian Star.

The Indo-American Kashmir Forum (www.iakf.org) strongly condemns the May 11 terrorist attack on innocent civilians in Samba, just 30 miles from Jammu. Two terrorists were killed after a daylong encounter with security personnel and after claiming the lives of six innocents, including the mother of two children who were present in the home during her murder. The terrorists had worn Indian army uniforms to escape suspicion by the local populace.

It was felt that the terrorists had crossed into Samba sector from Pakistan just three days earlier. The international border fence between India and Pakistan in Samba had been cut and an infiltration bid was caught by the Border Security Force. Nevertheless, a few terrorists managed to escape the encounter.

IAKF is particularly disturbed that the Kashmiri terrorist campaign has spread outside of the Valley of Kashmir into neighboring Jammu. The attack emphasizes the need for a true no-tolerance policy by the Pakistani government for terrorists operating on its soil. For its part, the Indian government and the Jammu & Kashmir state government need to keep vigilant in ensuring the safety of their residents.

IAKF hopes this week’s attacks strengthen the resolve of the governments of India, Pakistan, and the United States in combating Islamic terrorism.

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