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The Truth About Human Rights In Kashmir PDF Print E-mail
Written by Francois Gautier   
Thursday, 17 February 1994 00:00
[From award-winning journalist and author Francois Gautier]. When Ms. Benazir Bhutto thunders in Geneva on the Human Rights abuses in Kashmir, comparing the plight of the Kashmiris with "the genocide of the Jews by the Nazis", when Amnesty International lambastes India for "its iron hand in the Valley," when the United States, courtesy Ms. Robin Raphel, compares the situation in Kashmir "to the one in Afghanistan," they all are doing a grave injustice to a great country.
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Home and Hearth PDF Print E-mail
Written by Girilal Jain   
Friday, 05 March 1993 00:00
Editorial in The Economic Times

In view of the incoherent manner in which the Union government is known to function, it is not possible to be sure that the home minister, Mr. S B Chavan's statement in Parliament on the Kashmiri pandit's demand for a zone in the valley for their rehabilitation represents a firm and carefully worked out official policy. But even if Mr. Chavan has done no more than engage in loud thinking, it represents a welcome departure from the government's, attitude of indifference to the plight of pandit refugees. It is at least willing to listen to them, though the reasons for it remain obscure.

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