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Letter to NYT: Omissions in Arundhati Roy's "Kashmir's Fruits of Discord" PDF Print E-mail
Written by Sandeep Kaul   
Wednesday, 10 November 2010 00:00

A letter to the New York Times from IAKF regarding Arundhati Roy's comments on Kashmir.

Ms. Arundhati Roy's reference to President Obama's "silence" in Kashmir's Fruits of Discord (NY Times, November 9, 2010) is in fact a paradoxical reflection on Ms. Roy herself, for her pin-drop silence about the atrocities meted out against the peaceful religious minorities who once lived in Kashmir (Hindus, Sikhs, Christians and Buddhists) and moderate Muslims by Pakistan-sponsored terrorists operating within the troubled Indian State of Jammu and Kashmir since 1989 is blatantly conspicuous. Her grossly incomplete statement that “more than 200,000 Kashmiri Hindus have fled the valley” clearly exposes intellectual chicanery and conveniently leaves off the ethnic cleansing elements that propelled this exodus -- a series of well-planned, funded and orchestrated atrocities directed against the State's religious minorities with the overt objective of flushing them out and thus paving the path for the erection of a medieval theocratic state favorable to their Af-Pak sponsors.

The Times, in fact, did a commendable job addressing the question regarding the exodus of Hindus while covering one of the many massacres suffered by the Hindu minority– “When an Islamic insurgency began in Indian Kashmir in 1989, the area's Hindus became an early target. Muslim militants directed a systematic campaign of assassinations and intimidation against Kashmiri Pandits, as the area's Hindu Brahmins were known, and most of them were forced out of Kashmir.” [Waldman, Amy.  “Kashmir Massacre May Signal the Coming of Widespread Violence”, New York Times, March 25, 2003. URL link: ]

All Kashmiri minorities, especially our equally "red-cheeked" children, deserve the right to grow and live peacefully in this paradisiacal land settled by our ancestors over 5,000 years ago.

Sandeep Kaul



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