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IAKF condemns Delhi police’s highhanded actions against innocent Kashmiri Hindus PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 08 August 2010 00:00

IAKF also condemns some sections of mainstream Indian media that have adopted appeasing policies towards the forces whose agenda is the total balkanization of India. It is shameful on the part of the media to abuse the freedom of press by promoting secessionist agenda of Kashmiri Muslim separatists and terrorists while ignoring the plight of Kashmiri Hindu refugees.

IAKF believes that Indian government's policy of appeasement towards Kashmiri Muslim separatists is misguided and encouraging them to push their agenda of Talbanization of Kashmir which is slowly but surely extending its tentacles across the whole of India. While it is a sound policy to win hearts and minds of common people of Kashmir, Indian government needs to use all its might to crush the secessionists forces and agenda. India as a nation cannot afford to let these secessionists and terrorists run amok and control the destiny of common Kashmiri folks. Recent evidences have clearly shown that the “stone pelters” and arsonists in the valley are encouraged by forces inimical to the unity of India and the very same forces actually plan to have a certain number of killings every day. It is a war that Indian government needs to finish once for all. India and Indians who believe in the sovereign nation of India and its sacred constitution need to be protected at every cost.

India as a nation need to wake up to the reality that Kashmir is still with India because of the sacrifices made by the minority community of Kashmiri Hindus. It was this community that sacrificed the young lives of its sons and daughters only to keep Indian Tricolor flying in the valley of Kashmir. India would have lost Kashmir long time ago if Kashmiri Hindus would not have laid down their lives for the nation. It is this community that got ethnically cleansed from the valley and has been living the lives of refugees for last two decades. And now the irony is such that the same community is harassed and detained when it protests against anti-India forces.

IAKF reiterates its long standing demand that the minuscule minority of Kashmiri Hindus still living in the valley be provided the much needed security so that there is no repeat of Nadimarg or Sangrampora massacres. IAKF also demands that the Indian government immediately disposes the discriminatory practices and processes. Kashmiri Pandits are original inhabitants of the valley of Kashmir and their continuing displaced status and on-going human rights abuse is a tragedy that needs to be reversed immediately. IAKF wishes to convey that no matter how the Government of India feels about Kashmiri Pandits, IAKF is in touch with key western nations who believe there can not be a peaceful and final resolution of the Kashmir issues without considering all Kashmiri minorities, including Pandits, as full-fledged stake holders in the final outcome.

IAKF Board of Directors

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