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IAKF Expresses Strong Concern Over Richard Howitt?s Comments on the EU Draft Report on Kashmir PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 24 January 2007 00:00

 Interestingly, in his criticism, Mr. Howitt all but admits to his own bias when he states that the report “is causing deep offence to Kashmiri communities in our constituencies.” It would appear that Mr. Howitt is more concerned about sentiments of his constituent Kashmiris than of those who are actually suffering in Kashmir.

Baroness Nicholson visited both India and Pakistan and met and interviewed more than eight hundred people. She had to work within the guidelines set up by the EU. She is a renowned MEP who has produced excellent reports for EU in the past; and she was given this new task based on her past track record.

The EU report has brought a balance to the Kashmir debate by portraying, for the first time, a correct picture of the political situation in Pakistan-Occupied Kashmir, or POK. This area is chronically neglected when considering the Kashmir problem. Its people have suffered worse neglect of rights and representation than any part of Indian Kashmir, as has been documented by various European NGOs as well as U.S. think tanks. In fact, this is the main reason why European Pakistani and Kashmiri Muslims are condemning this report. Unfortunately, it is the silence on POK that has largely contributed to the delay in the final resolution of the Kashmir problem.

IAKF congratulates Baroness Nicholson on her efforts for producing this impartial and factual report through first-hand experience and interviews. We strongly oppose any amendments that seek to alter the fair and well-researched information presented within.

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