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IAKF Condemns Yet Another Massacre Of Kashmiri Hindus PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 01 May 2006 00:00

The Indo-American Kashmir Forum strongly condemns the massacres of 35 Kashmiri Hindu minorities in two separate incidents this weekend in the Indian state of Jammu & Kashmir. On April 30 in the Doda district, 22 Hindu villagers were dragged from their homes, beaten, then shot dead. One day earlier on April 29, in neighboring Udhampur district, 13 Hindus were kidnapped from a remote village and found dead over the following two days. This was the worst sectarian violence against Hindus seen in many months. The acts were clearly designed to derail the upcoming talks scheduled between Prime Minister Singh and a faction of the All Parties Hurriyat Conference on Wednesday May 3, as well as the second Roundtable discussion organized by the Prime Minister later this month. They also were timed shortly after a successful unusually high turn-out in recent bye-elections, where Chief Minister Azad had recently stated that people replied to the "bullet with ballot".

Such an act indicates the true security status of the Valley's minorities. Pandits have been encouraged to return to the valley by both the state ruling governments as well as leaders of the Hurriyat conference. The sad truth is that no such security guarantee can exist unless terrorism is uprooted. This murder of innocent Hindus emphasizes the lack of true security in Kashmir. Requests from the Pakistani government and separatist leaders for demilitarization by the Indian security personnel seem even more absurd than they did prior to this past weekend. These killings are reminiscent of a similar targeting of the minority Sikh community in Chittisinghpora in March 2000, which resulted in the brutal massacre of 35 Sikhs. That too occurred on the eve of a high-level meeting as President Bill Clinton was beginning his historic trip to India.

IAKF is disturbed at the fact that Hindus currently in the valley are not being adequately protected. It wishes to extend its empathy to these individuals who are still living under the threat of violence and urges the state and national governments to take measures to ensure the security of these individuals.

Prepared by:
Rahul Pandit, M.D.
National Director, IAKF


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