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Balawaristan National Front (BNF) Rejects Musharrafs Package for Northern Areas PDF Print
Written by Abdul Hamid Khan   
Sunday, 28 October 2007 00:00

the contiuenation of the old package with a new name, ie from Copuncil to
Asembly. Council had the powers to make plans for the development projects
and the same has been repeated by Musharraf.
"Addressing notables of the area after inaugurating the 18 Megawatt Naltar
hydel-power project, the president also announced that the Northern Areas
council had been given the status of a legislative assembly with powers to
debate and pass its budget. The existing council has 36 seats, 24 elected
and 12 reserved (six for women and six for technocrats) and it has the power
to legislate on 49 subjects."
Musharraf has tried to defuse the recent Resolution of European Union, by
announcing such bogus package. His announcement itself clears his intention,
that Musharraf does not want to give any powers. Otherwise Musharraf would
not have mentioned STATUS for the so-called NAs Legislartive Assembly.
Instead of the powers, Musharraf has announced that that Status has been
given to debate and pass the budget. If such powers has been given now, then
for what he and his Military administration and deplomats were briefing
civilized world on international level and the EU particularly. STATUS means
only salary, vehicle, guard and other personal facilities to the members of
the so-called Council/ Assembly not powers. Musharaf has repeated the number
of the existing council and said that it has the power to legislate on 49
subjects without mentioning any subject.
If the so-called package was demand of the people, than why General
Musharraf did not dare to speech publicly, why he choose his own Punjabi and
Pathan national,s gathering for his announcement,by keeping away local
people & media. Its a fact that Musharraf has not gone to Balawaristan
(Pakistan Occupied Gilgit Baltistan), for the announcement of the package.
He had gone there for the inauguration of the Nahlter Hydel Project, which
has been built by the help of Chinese engineers.
"Gen Musharraf said that the deputy chief executive would henceforth be
called the chief executive with full administrative and financial authority
and the existing chief executive (a federal minister) would be the chairman
of the Northern Areas government."
Musharraf has given new name to the local Deputy Chief Executive as CHIEF
EXECUTIVE. Was this the demand of the 2 mollion indigenous people, to merely
change the name. Musharraf has himself announced that the imposed Miniser
from Pakistan, who was, is like a king for Gilgit Baltistan, withe name of
Chief Executive, will now call as Chairman of this disputed region of
Kashmir. It means again Pakistan minister will enjoy the same powers over
the local NAs Legislative Assembly, like the old NAs Legislative Council.
"He said that all administrative and financial powers of the Ministry of
Kashmir Affairs and Northern Areas would be transferred to the Northern
Areas government. The assembly will be able to take up no-confidence motion
against the chief executive, speaker and deputy speaker. Gen Musharraf also
announced that there would be an accountant general s office for Northern
Musharraf says the all the administrative and financial powers of the
Ministry of Kashmir Affairs and Northern Areas Affairs (KANA) would be
transfered to the Northern Areas government. While he has decided to shift
his KANA Minister to Gilgit Baltistan as Chairman, the head of this
so-called government. Whom he wants to make fool by shifting the the
existing KANA Minister to do his old job with new disignation of Chairman?
The so-calle Assembly will be given the powers to de-thron the local Chief
Executive and Speaker but will not be given the powers to to take any motion
against the Chairman who is non local Pakistan and head of the so-called
Assembly and government of Gilgit Baltistan. Is it democratic or political,
what Musharrf claims, where a non elected and non resident person will be
given the whole powers to run the so-called NAs Legislative Assemble and
local government. Is there any such example in the world or in the Indian
part of J & K? Every where this is the procedure and practice of the
democratic world as well as in Indian part of J& K, where an elected member
can only run the government and head to elected Assembly. But in Pakistan
and its occupied areas any thing can be practiced, because the rulers
themselves are not political or democraticly elected.
"He said a seventh district consisting of Hunza and Nagir subdivisions would
be carved out of the Gilgit district and two subdivisions of Dagone and
Raundo will be set up in the Baltistan region."
*The president also announced that cases registered by the National
Accountability Bureau (NAB) against officials of the Northern Areas
administration would be transferred from Islamabad to Gilgit*. What relief
Musharraf wants to give the local indigenous people by shifting National
Accountability Officials from Islamabad to Gilgit.Muraf has been insulting
the local indigenous subordinate officials by registering false cases in the
NAB by giving free hand to the Pakistan head of the departments. To shif the
defame NAB officials to Gilgit Baltistan means Musharraf wants to harrass
the local employees.
"He announced remission of agricultural loans of up to Rs50,000 which would
benefit about 12,000 people. Besides, mark-up on small and medium enterprise
loans would also be waived, he said. The president announced the setting up
of a commission under the deputy chairman of Planning Commission to resolve
boundary disputes between the Northern Areas and the North-West Frontier
announcement to set up a commission under the deputy chairman of Planning
Commission to resolve boundary disputes between the Northern Areas and the
North-West Frontier Province (Chitral). First of all I want to make clear
that the said boundry dispute between Chitral and Gilgit has created by
Pakistan with the intention to divide the people of Chitral and Gilgit.
Because Chitral was and is a part and parcel of Gilgit, which has been
annexed by Pakistan with its terrotory illegally. As fa as the Shandoor,
which is the highest Pologround of the world is concern is a part of Gilgit
according to the local tradition and boundry rules of British empire in
1895. Chairman of Planning Commission is Pakistani national who is not
impartial. How one can expect that a Pakistani will give a place to a
disputed area. He will instead give decisions in favour of his on country
Pakistan and its NWFP province.
"He said the regional development budget was being increased from Rs6.5
billion to Rs7.6 billion. However, the president did not say anything about
the judicial set-up in the region which is functioning as a department
attached to the Ministry of Kashmir Affairs and Northern Areas."
Musharraf has announced that he want to increase the budget from 6.5 billion
to 7.6 billion Pakistani rupees. Pakistan is earning more than 20 Billion
Rupees from the resources of Balawaristan (its occupied Gilgit Baltistan)
while Musharraf want to increase only 1.1 Billion. This increament is not
for the people of Balawaristan, but it,s for the expenditure of FC, Punjab
Rangers, ISI and it,s terrorist network and camps. Pakistan Military regime
was perviously been spending mostly of the development funds on its forces
and terrorist networks, that is why we do not expect any positive changes in
Pakistan Army its ISI and Musharraf policy. The people of Gilgit Baltistan
usually and Lawyers forum (Gilgit Baltistan Bar Council) and civil society
has always been demanding to establish High Court and supreme Court. Even
Supreme Court of Pakistan had given its order to government of Pakistan in
1999 to give the right of representation to the people of this disputed
region of Pakistan occupied J&K and also ordered the the human rights and
basic rights of the people is restored. But Military and even civil
governments of Pakistan are continuously denying to given any representation
to the local people. This is the only part of the world, where human rights
are violated 100 percent, because the 2 million people of this region have
no right to appeal in any where against the human rights violation. I beside
more than 100 people are facing sedition charges which is world record in
Gilgit, Ghezr and Skardu kangaroo courts for the last 10 years. The person
Mr. Jalal-Ud-Din, who has been awarded the post of the head of the Court
(Chief Court) who is my political as well as religious opponents, who
belongs to a fundamentalist group. How I or other expect of justice from
such fundamentalist person, who always follow the guidance of ISI.
All the nationalist parties of Balawaristan (Pakistan Occupied Gilgit
Baltistan), Pakistan People Party, pakistan MuslimLeague and Bar Council has
rejected the so-called package of GeneralMusharraf
Its fact that Musharraf is trying to defuse the resolution of European
Union.I and my fellow political activists of that unfortunate area would not
let Musharraf deceive with world community particularly European Union and
most particularly Baroness Emma Nicholson MEP, whose brave initiative
compelled Pakistani Military regime to make new announcements with same old
tactics regarding the area.
We also demand to the Members of the European parliament that Occupied
Gilgit Baltistan is part of unresolved Kahsmir dispute and the conditions
should be meet which are discovered by the EP in its historical resolution
of 24th May 2007.For this I on behalf of people of the region would slute
baroness Emma Nicholson for her support for the people of Occupied Gilgit &

Abdul Hamid Khan
Balawaristan National Front (BNF)
Head Off:
Majini Mahla, Gilgit, Balawaristan
(Pakistan occupied Gilgit Baltistan)
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