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Hindu Welfare Society of Kashmir Letter to Sonia Gandhi PDF Print
Written by Moti Lal Bhat   
Friday, 14 April 2006 00:00

As you know, Kashmiri Pandits who chose to remain in the valley in spite of grave provocations to their physical, economic and social well being did so with the hope that the Central government in New Delhi and the J&K Government would treat them as an exception and recognize their special needs. Unfortunately that has not happened. Even worse, those Pandits who were displaced from interior areas of the valley and shifted to main district towns have not even received the same treatment as other displaced Pandits who have shifted to outside of the valley. Similarly, job opportunities in our case are open on the same rules and regulations as with normal applicants even though in our case there are so few left to occupy such jobs. It is not surprising that Pandits keep trickling out of the valley and are fewer than 7,000 today.

Madam President, you heard us patiently during the time we were with you. We have no doubt that you will follow through on the issues that were addressed in the meeting in which you directed Ms. Ambika Soni to follow up on our behalf. We would like Ms. Soni to convey to Shri Azad our main concerns dealing with:

1. Rehabilitation of locally displaced KPs within the valley, including providing housing in various districts for Pandits who were shifted by authorities from their own homes and moved away to safer areas and hence need to be treated as displaced persons.

2. Educational opportunities and special admission quota for Valley Pandits in the State professional colleges.

3. Employment to educated youths in the State service on a permanent basis and waiver of age limits on the basis of their special status.

4. Passage of the law in the State Assembly to grant Minority Status to Pandits as recommended by the NCM since 1996.

5. Transfer management of historical Hindu religious shrines in the Valley to Kashmiri Pandits.

6. Participation of our organization (HWSK) in the next Prime Minister's Roundtable scheduled on May 25 in Srinagar.

7.  Release of Grant-in-Aid in favour of 28 institutions being run by Muslim, Sikh & Pandit managements in the valley, already falling in Grant-in-aid category which amounts to a few lakh rupees.

We look forward to a meeting with Ms. Soni in the near future to discuss the progress in this matter. We are very hopeful that our meeting with you will lead to fruitful results.

Sincerely yours,
Moti Lal Bhat

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